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Collins, Anne Ms

Anne Collins Collection – NJSN_AC-020 1983 - 1985 - 0.10 cm Paper ( H)25cm x (W)10cm x (D)40cm Contained within a standard archive box 0.01 linear metres - Artificial arrangement Fonds - Series 1: Papers 1984-1985; Series 2: Conferences 1980-1985; Series 3: Women for Survival “Pine Gap” 1984; Series 4: Ephemera c1984; Series 5: Press Clippings 1984-1985; Series 6: Publications 1983-1985. .

BOX 1 contains Series 1-6: Files 4-9

Series 1: Papers 1984-1985.

This series comprises nine papers written on an assortment of topics that possibly reflect Collins interests. They were originally numbered E1-E9. The original numbering has been left unchanged in the interest of adhering to the principle of original order.

* E1 Women’s Experience of racial discrimination preliminary evidence from the human rights commission by Helen Ware, undated.

* E2 National Youth Council of Australia’s young women’s project Youth Affairs Council of Australia, November 1984, annotated.

* E3 MA in Women’s Studies, undated.

* E4 Greenham Common Winter 1984 Margaret Reynolds Senator for Queensland, February 1984.

* E5 Local Co-Ordination- A Rationale Draft only Preamble unfinished AYS draft.

* E6 Title unreadable relates to equal opportunity.

* E7 Nairobi 1985 Forum ’85 July 10-19 and United Nations World Conference July 15-26.

* E8 Affirmative Action For Women, A Progress Report on the Pilot Program Affirmative Action Resource Unit, Office of the Status of Women, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, May 1985.

* E9 Facts On Women At Work In Australia In 1983 Women’s Bureau Department Of Employment And Industrial Relations.

BOX 1 (previously numbered 0026) File 4

Series 2: Conferences 1980-1985.

This series is made up of collection of papers connected with and generated as a result of the National Conference on Rape Law held in Hobart in May 1980.

It includes papers by:

* Jocelynne A Scutt, Australian Institute of Criminology, undated.

* Review of the National Conference on Rape Law held in Hobart in May 1980 by Carol Williams & Jo Stafford Tasmania.

* WEL draft bill and other recommendations on sexual offences Women’s Electoral Lobby, Sexual Offences Law Reform Group, May 1980, undated.

* Programme National Conference on Rape Law Reform 28-30 May 1980, motions and notes for workshop participants, annotated.

* Abstract a proposal for reform of rape laws in the state of Victoria, Joan Coxsedge MLC, Victoria, and c1979.

* Women’s Forum ’85 Tasmania, undated.

* Reforming The Rape Laws, Virginia B Nordby, JD.

* National Conference on Rape Law Reform, 28-30 May 1980, program and papers.

* Girls Science and Technology (GASAT) 1986.

* Women’s Network, Tasmania 1985.

File 5

Series 3: Women for Survival “Pine Gap” 1984.

This series includes “Women for Survival Resource Kit” complied by WAAGV, and other papers relating to women’s struggle against the use of nuclear power. It includes a copy of Tribune dated Nov 9 1983, (see pages 2 & 16). [WAAGV news sheets, August 1983, Feb March 1984, May June 1984 have been added to the JSNWL serials collection.]

File 6.

Series 4: Ephemera c1984.

This series comprises an assortment of leaflets and handouts mostly produced by educational institutions. Included are handouts and leaflets from the University of California, Berkeley Women’s Bureau, Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, ACT; Women’s Advisory Council; and Sydney Health Commission of NSW. The series includes a poster “Girls Talk Young Women speak out” artist unacknowledged and poster undated has been added to the JSNWL poster collection.

File 7.

Series 5: Press Clippings 1984-1985.

This series comprises press clippings from Australian papers pertaining to women’s issues. They have been photocopied for preservation purposes.

File 8.

Series 6: Publications 1983-1985.

This series includes a variety of journals focused on women’s issues.

To avoid duplication those journals that are held in the library have been removed from the file:

* Womanspeak, Vol 7, No 4, February-March 1983;

* Talkback No 13 July 1983, No 14 October 1983, No 15 January 1984 (Women and Labour Conference Newsletters);

* Putting the Sex Discrimination Act into Practice, Human Rights Commission [1984] Women and Work, Vol 7, No 1, May 1985;

are all held by the JSNWL.

[United Nations for Women 1976-1985 Bulletin No 11, July 1985 has been added to the JSNWL serials collection.]

File 9


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Anne Collins’ papers were received by the Jessie Street National Women’s Library in a type-1 archive box that was numbered 30. The papers were held in three buff coloured manila folders labelled “Pine Gap/WAAGV”, “Newspaper clippings 1985” and “C4”. A single sheet of handwritten notes listing the contents was loose in the box. Because there was no discernible order, the papers were re-arranged by Archivist, Beverley Sodbinow, dividing them into six series for ease of access.

Anne Collins papers were once part of the Women’s Archive, a collection started early in 1982 by a small group of Women’s Studies students at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. The Archive was supported by ANU although it received no financial assistance from them. The “Canberra Women’s Archive” as Women’s Archive became known, consists of the personal records of some prominent Canberra women activists, and the papers of community women’s organisations which were established in the ACT during the 1970s and 1980s. The collection documents the history of the second wave feminism movement in community women’s groups in Canberra. In 1993 it became impossible for the Women’s Archive to continue its operations due to lack of funds. Mary Hutchison and Frances Sutherland donated the material to Jessie Street National Women’s Library (JSNWL). Because it is unique, conditions of the donation to JSNWL were that the collection was to be kept together and not subsumed into a major collection. When JSNWL took custody of the Canberra Women’s Archive the collection was deposited at the Petersham Town Hall repository of the Marrickville Council for safe keeping until funding was arranged.

In 1995 an archival policy was implemented by JSNWL through a Special Research Project at the University of New South Wales coordinated by Dr. Peter Orlovich. Student archivist Martine Bright undertook to appraise the Canberra Women’s Archive. She compiled a report and submitted it in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Graduate Diploma in Information Management Archives/Records. In 1999 the Archives were brought to the library’s new home in Town Hall House, Sydney when the library received a state government grant through the Ministry for the Arts. This enabled the library to employ two part time archivists to work on the collection.

No biographical information exists concerning Collins.


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