Women of the revolution :

Women of the revolution : forty years of feminism / edited by Kira Cochrane. - London, Great Britain : Guardian Books, 2012. - xix, 396 p. ; 20 cm.

Originally published: 2010. Includes index.

1970s. The second sex / Mary Stott ; How to be voluble, sexy and liberated / Michael Behr ; Why nice girls finish last / Jill Tweedie ; Shirley for President / Willa Petschek ; 'I'm just a speaker. I've spoke to thousands. I'm glad I'm no cleaner no more, it's bleedin' 'ard work' / Anna Coote ; An unresolved strike / Anna Coote ; Maggie May / Mary Stott ; She has been through the gamut of radical chic New York experience, from her days as a freelance journalist when she was an escort to Henry Kissinger through a series of 'little marriages' / Carol Dix ; Brothers to blame / Timeri N. Murari ; Too true confessions / Jill Tweedie ; Slave wages / Jill Tweedie ; Reclaim the night / Polly Toynbee ; Why the euphoria had to stop / Eva Figes ; How different the history of world literature might look if mothers were writers too / Erica Jong ; Second thoughts / John Cunningham ; Even liberal Jews had misgivings when the rabbi took a funeral service in a bulging maternity dress / Liz Forgan -- 1980s. Now is the time to stand up and fight / Jean Stead ; Letters from a fainthearted feminist / Jill Tweedie ; A day with Spare Rib / Polly Toynbee ; Ring of resolve to stop cruise / Jean Stead ; Her life has had extraordinary ups and downs-- from prostitute to star, from street car conductorette to university professor / Polly Toynbee ; A world away from women's liberation / Soon-Young Yoon ; Analysis of the political, social and economic progress of women / Barbara Castle ; We have as much right as anyone to dine out / Carolyne Shakespeare Cooper ; The double struggle / Chinyelu Onwurah ; Beloved people / Regina Nadelson ; Behind the lines : ironing in the soul / Polly Toynbee ; Handbag and rule / Brenda Polan ; An everyday guide to misogyny / Angela Neustatter ; Awful wedded wives / Monica Furlong -- 1990s. A meeting of two worlds / Madeleine Bunting ; My daughter begged me : don't die / Duncan Campbell ; The gender agenda / Susanne Moore ; Ordinary madness / Catherine Bennett ; Feminist under a fatwa ; The princess and the pain / Beatrix Campbell ; Yea, though I walk through the valley of discrimination / Madeleine Bunting ; Chamber of horrors / Anne Perkins ; Pro-lifers have lost but won't give up / Decca Aitkenhead ; Dear Bill and Hillary / Andrea Dworkin ; All white now / Heidi Safia Mirza ; Get a life, girls / Elizabeth Wurtzel ; The power of one / Maya Jaggi ; The promises feminism made, and broke / Bell Hooks -- 2000s. Trailblazer of feminism / Melissa Benn ; Sisters of mercy / Melissa Benn ; 'When the woman in the witness box began to cry, I cried too' / Diane Taylor ; Stitched up / Katharine Viner ; Abortion : still a dirty word? / Julie Burchill ; What women want / Zoe Williams ; Brutal legacy of war in Congo / Emily Wax ; Buy your son a Barbie for Christmas / Natasha Walter ; The sexual sadism of our culture, in peace and in war / Katharine Viner ; Two to the power of 2 million / Hannah Pool ; Life after birth / Emily Wilson ; A year of killing / Katharine Viner ; This bawdy world of boobs and gams shows how far we've left to go / Ariel Levy ; Embarrassment of riches / Beatrix Campbell ; How the web became a sexists' paradise / Jessica Valenti ; What would Beth Ditto do? / Beth Ditto ; The really bad girls / Bidisha ; 'You're consenting to being raped for money' / Emine Saner ; Porn is screwing up young men's expectations of sex / Marina Hyde ; Banda sisters / Raekha Prasad ; Mothers need not apply / Viv Groskop ; I was only telling the truth / Rachel Cusk ; 'We are the future' / Chris McGreal ; My sexual revolution / Julie Bindel ; 'When I was growing up, one or two girls were beautiful but it wasn't an aspiration. That was what movie stars were for. It wasn't essential for all of us' / Decca Aitenhead ; Time for a good scrap about what our feminism really is / Libby Brooks ; 'I have a rebel gene" / Homa Khaleeli ; What is the link between the media and eating disorders? / Hadley Freeman ; Layla's story : jailed after reporting a sexual assault / Simon Hattenstone and Afua Hirsch ; Bruised but defiant : Mona Eltahawy on her assault by Egyptian security forces / Mona Eltahawy.

Includes articles by and interviews of leading figures of the feminist movement that have appeared in the Guardian (London, Eng.) newspaper.

9780852652275 (pbk.) 0852652275 (pbk.)

Women and journalism--History--20th century.
Women and journalism--History--21st century.
Feminism--History--20th century.
Feminism--History--21st century.
Women--History--20th century.
Women--History--21st century.
Women and journalism--20th century.
Women and journalism--21st century.
Feminism--20th century.
Feminism--21st century.
Women--20th century.
Women--21st century.


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