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Wardell-Ward, Bluse

Bluse Waddell-Ward collection - NJSN_AC-037 1970-1981 - 0.09 linear metres Manila folders containing handwritten and typewritten paper sheets of various size ½ x 1 Box = H)25cm x (W)18cm x (D)40c NIL ½ standard archive box ½ standard archive box - Preparer’s Notes: Bluse Waddell-Ward’s papers were received by JSNWL in one type 1 archive box numbered 17. Women’s Studies B, WAR Anzac Day 1980 and the Combat Sexism kit. were originally received in buff coloured manila folders They have been left in original order. Some of the papers were loose and in no discernible order. They have been arranged chronologically and placed in new folders for easier use. The publications included in the collection have been stored separately for conservation purposes in Box 0002 LAP. There is little evidence in these papers to reveal the context in which they were created. There is evidence to show that she was involved in the Canberra Women’s Liberation organisation. Fonds - Series 1: Women’s Studies B 1978-1979; Series 2: Women Against Rape (WAR) 1980; Series 3: Combat Sexism Kit undated; Series 4: Miscellaneous papers ca 1975; Series 5: Newsletters 1975; Series 6: Publications 1970-1979; Series 7: Pamphlets and handouts ca 1978; Series 8: Press clippings 1977-1981. .

BOX NO 0017

Series 1 Women’s Studies B 1978-1979:
This series contains course notes from the ANU Faculty of Arts Women’s Studies Programme of 1978 and 1979. It includes handwritten lecture notes taken by Bluse Waddell-Ward dated 1978 and 1979, readings pertaining to the course and relevant newspaper clippings. There is a handout for a meeting of Women on Campus, and a feminist booklist included in the series.
File 10.

Series 2 Women Against Rape (WAR) 1980:
This series contains a collection of papers, which pertain to the activities of the group WAR on and after 25th. April 1980 when three women were jailed for obstructing police during an Anzac Day ceremony. It includes copies of press clippings from Rouge, June/July 1980, Sydney Morning Herald, September, 1980, Canberra Times, May and September 1980, Woroni, 22/4/80 and other clippings, a journalists report of the proceedings of the case, a press release, and three handwritten, unsigned pages written by one of the women who was arrested giving personal account of events of 24 and 25 April 1980. Song sheets of feminist songs possibly sung at protest meetings are included in this series.
File 11.

Series 3 Combat Sexism Kit (undated):
This series comprises a kit Combat Sexism compiled by Gabrielle S Walsh and Gary Dowsett, published by the Women’s Department of the Australian Union Of Students. It contains articles and resources for teachers and students focusing upon sex and sex roles, status of women, school days, contraception and pregnancy. A relevant press clipping is included in the kit
File 12.

Series 4 Miscellaneous Papers ca 1975:
This series includes a collection of feminist articles such as A Feminist’s Story, International Women’s Year Priorities and Considerations 1974, a discussion paper on feminist films, feminism and anarchism, Lane Report (British), Programmes from Granada Television for International Women’s Year (British)
File 13.

Series 5, Newsletters 1974-1975:
This series comprises newsletters from the Australian National Advisory Committee International Women’s Year
Newsletter No 1 December 1974;
Newsletter No 2 January 1975;
Newsletter No 3 March 1975;
Newsletter No 4 May, 1975;
Newsletter No. 5 May, 1975;
Newsletter No. 6 undated;

Series 6, Publications 1970-1979:
This series contains numerous feminist publications included in Bluse Waddell-Ward’s papers;
NSW Regional Women’s Survival Manual Aus NSW Region publication 1970;
Women’s Action Booklet A Cleo publication undated;
Abortion A Woman’s Right To Choose published by the Australian Union of Students Carlton Vic. Undated;
Whirlwind Vol 1, No. 1 August 1973 publisher unknown;
Abortion Is A Woman’s Right To Choose Issue No 6, February-March, 1975 produced by WAAC Brickfield Hill, NSW, 2001;
Abortion Is A Woman’s Right To Choose Issue No 8, September-October, 1975 produced by WAAC Brickfield Hill, NSW, 2001;
National W published by the Australian Union of Students, Tuesday October 18, 1977;
Vashti A Women’s Liberation Magazine issue 22, Autumn/ Winter 1978;
Woroni Vol 31, No. 7 June 11-June 25, 1979 publisher unknown;
Medusa undated, publisher unknown.
File 15 (For conservation purposes theses publications have been stored separately in Box 0002 LAP).

Series 7 Pamphlets/Handouts 1978:
This series includes handouts from various women’s organisations such as National Women’s Advisory Council, Women & Labour Conference, Women’s Electoral Lobby, Left A.C.T.I.O.N., Women’s Movement Children’s Literature Co-operative Ltd.
File 16.

Series 8 Press Clippings 1977-1981:
This series includes clippings from Australian newspapers and magazines on women’s issues.
File 17.

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The papers of Bluse Waddell-Ward were donated to the Women’s Archive in 1984.

The Women’s Archive was started early in 1982 by a small group of students at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. It was supported although not funded by ANU. The collection documents the history of the second wave feminism movement in community women’s groups in Canberra.

The Canberra Women’s Archives as it became known consists of the records of thirty-five community women’s organisations, which were established, in the ACT during the 1970s and 1980s. The personal papers of some of the women involved with these groups are included in the papers. In 1993 it became impossible for the Canberra Women’s Archive to continue its operations due to lack of funds. Mary Hutchison and Frances Sutherland donated the material to Jessie Street National Women’s Library (JSNWL). Conditions of the donation were that that the collection was to be kept together and not subsumed into a major collection because of its unique characteristics. When JSNWL took custody of the Canberra Women’s Archive the collection was deposited at the Petersham Town Hall repository of the Marrickville Town Hall for safe keeping until funding was arranged.

In 1995 an archival policy was implemented by JSNWL through a Special Research Project at the University of New South Wales coordinated by Dr. Peter Orlovich. Student archivist Martine Bright undertook to appraise the Canberra Women’s Archives. She compiled a report and submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Graduate Diploma In Information Management Archives/Records.

In 1999 the Archives were brought to the library’s new home in Town Hall House, Sydney when the library received a state government grant through the Ministry for the Arts. This enabled the library to employ two part time archivists to work on the collection.

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