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National Working Party - NWP - Collection - NJSN_AC-035 1986 - 1994 - 0.18 linear metres Paper 1 x (H)25cm x (W)18cm x (D)40cm 1 x standard box Standard T1 - Artificial order Fonds - SERIES Administrative Records 1986 - 1994 .


National Working Party – Administrative Records 1986 - 1994

The National Working Party was concerned with achieving a more fair and accurate portrayal of women in the media and to encourage the advertising industry to eliminate sexism in advertising. This series contains type-written A4 and foolscap documents which include minutes, submissions, working papers, reports, membership records, surveys and questionnaires. Correspondence includes type-written A4 and foolscap letters to and from government departments, media organisatons and unions. Also included are conference and forum papers, and publications.

The arrangement is chronological and has been imposed.


Box List

1. NWP / Minutes of meetings Nos. 14 and 20 (1990)
2. NWP / Minutes Special Meetings 1989 – 1992
3. NWP / Letters received 1990 - 1993
4. NWP / Letters sent 1992 - 1993
5. NWP / Reports (Office of the Status of Women) 1989 - 1993
6. NWP / Executive Reports / OSW updates 1992 -1993
7. NWP / Media Information Collection Kit: Consultancy brief 1992 - 1993
8. NWP / Background information 1989 – 1993
9. NWP / Notes on the portrayal of women in the media 1991
10. NWP / Portraying women in advertising: Advisory notes (draft) undated
11. NWP / Briefing notes / NWCC 1990
12. NWP / Media Education Kit: Research brief (undated)
13. NWP / Gender survey / Women's media preferences 1993
14. NWP / Draft Publicity Plan 1992
15. NWP / Resource packages / Women and Advertising (undated)
16. NWP / Proposed Women & Advertising project / NSW Women’s Advisory Council 1991
17. NWP / Revised Position Paper / Federal Bureau of Consumer Affairs 1992
18. NWP / Questionnaires undated; Australian Women’s Weekly questionnaire 1980
19. NWP / Public Forum on Portrayal of Women in Advertising 1988
20. NWP / Proposal for a Forum on the Portrayal of Women in the Media 1993
21. NWP / Conference “Sales Promotions” 1994
22. NWP / Conference paper / “Ad Men, Subtract Women: Profit Without Honour” /Diana Wyndham 1986
23. NWP / Women's Media Research Group papers 1991
24. NWP II / Minutes of meetings (Nos 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 11) 1992 - 1993
25. NWP II / Work Program – Financial Schedule 1991
26. NWP II / Information paper / Media Regulation and the Portrayal of Women 1992
27. NWP II / Issues paper (Office of the Status of Women) undated
28. NWP II / Submission on the Broadcasting Services Bill 1992
29. NWP II / Members List 1993
30. NWP / Publications 1988 – 1996 (Orginals held in JSNWL)


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In the 1980s, Women’s Electoral Lobby member Diana Wyndham wrote a series of articles on campaigns to influence the portrayal of women in the media. Her main concerns were that women were under-represented in the public arena where women were shown in traditional roles.

Thus a National Working Party on the Portrayal of Women in the Media (NWPPWM) was established by the Federal Government in 1988 for a two year term, with the first meeting held in February 1989. It was designed to achieve a more fair and accurate portrayal of women in the media and to encourage the advertising industry to eliminate sexism in advertising. Membership of the Working Party was tripartite, with representatives from the media industry, the Government and the community.

The first Working Party operated until June 1991 and then the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Status of Women, the Hon. Wendy Fatin MP, appointed the second Working Party on 1 July 1991. The terms of reference broadened to encompass all media, with a continued interest in advertising. This Working Party completed its term on 30 June 1993. In that same year, the NWPPWM distributed a booklet which argued that women were not presented in a realistic manner. Anne Deveson, who was chair of the Party, said that the media industry was ignoring women at its own peril.

Ref: Australian feminism: a companion, Ed. by Barbara Caine, Melbourne, OUP, 1998, p.218; Helen Leonard papers.


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