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110 _aCanberra Women For Survival
_gCanberra Women For Survival papers are part of Canberra Women's Archive; See also The News sheet of Women's Action Against Global Violence No.1 dated August 1983 which can be found in the JSNWL Serials Collection.
245 _aCanberra Women For Survival Collection - NJSN_AC-013
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_bFORMAT: Paper, photographs, postcards
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490 _a 1. Canberra Women For Survival Journal Minutes & Daybook 1983; 2. Canberra Women For Survival Letters received 1983; 3. Canberra Women For Survival Telegrams received 1983; 4. Canberra Women For Survival Telexes 1983; 5. Canberra Women For Survival Telegram to Prime Minister Bob Hawke 1983; 6. Canberra Women For Survival Canberra Papers 1983; 7. Canberra Women For Survival Cynthia Shannon's papers 1983; 8. Canberra Women For Survival Women's Action Against Global Violence papers 1983; 9. Canberra Women For Survival Alice Springs papers 1983; 10. Canberra Women For Survival Greenham Common papers 1983; 11. Canberra Women For Survival Pine Gap Handouts 1983; 12. Canberra Women For Survival Canberra papers 1983; 13. Canberra Women For Survival Canberra Handouts 1983; 14. Canberra Women For Survival Press Releases 1983; 15. Canberra Women For Survival Photographs/ Pine Gap 1983; 16. Canberra Women For Survival Post cards 1983; 17. Canberra Women For Survival Press Clippings 1983.
500 _aCONTENTS OF BOX 0023: Series 1: Canberra Women For Survival: Journal Minutes and Daybook 1983 This series includes minutes of meetings, daily activities and reports from the Pine Gap camp handwritten in pen and pencil in a 158-page exercise book used as a journal; 4.11.83-28.11.1983. File 1.
_aSeries 2: Canberra Women For Survival: Letters received 1983. This series includes letters of encouragement from members of the general public, namely Sara Dowse ACT; Single Women's Refuge, Waverley (possibly NSW); Roz James, St Leonards NSW; members of the Darwin Workers Club; Sandra Dingle (no address); N Barber, Stanthorpe Queensland. File 2.
_aSeries 3: Canberra Women For Survival: Telegrams received 1983. This series comprises telegrams of support. They include telegrams from NL Gallagher, Builder's Labourers Federation; John Hatton, member of South Coast NSW Parliament; S Zorino, Federated Engine Drivers Federation of Australia; Elizabeth Mattick, Women's International League For Peace and Freedom; Greenham Common Women; Birchgrove Community School; Doug Everingham, MHR for Capricorn. Telegrams arranged chronologically. File 3.
_aSeries 4: Canberra Women For Survival: Telexes 1983. This series includes papers, donated by Di Stanley, and a number of telexes sent to and received from Women For Survival at Pine Gap between 10.11.83 and 18.11.83. Di Stanley's papers comprises a list of telex networks; list of groups and their phone numbers, an undated report, copy of a telex Network Release dated 12.11.83 marked unsent, a telex press release dated 20.11.83 and eight telexes. File 4. Comprises File 4A and File 4B.
_aSeries 5: Canberra Women For Survival: Telegram sent to Prime Minister Bob Hawke 1983. This series comprises handwritten draft notes for a telegram to Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia, dated 12.11.83 from Canberra Women For Survival together with typescript telegram signed Kate Burns, Women For Survival. File 5. Excludes File 6.
_aSeries 6: Canberra Women For Survival: Canberra Papers 1983. This series donated by Frances Sutherland comprises papers created by the Canberra Women For Survival group. The papers include handouts, a sponsor sheet, media releases, reports from Alice Springs meetings, and handouts from the Alice Springs group, rough notes recording activities from the first week of Canberra Women For Survival, together with handwritten working papers which are undated. File 7.
_aSeries 7: Canberra Women For Survival: Cynthia Shannon's papers 1983. This series donated by Cynthia Shannon mostly relate to her arrest at Pine Gap. They include a court statement; a court attendance list; a copy of a complaint made to the Human Rights Commission, dated 10.12.83; a Memorandum of Advice from Josephine Golding & Ors with a covering letter from Pamela Ditton (Alice Springs) dated 30.12.83; prison graffiti from walls of holding cell, Alice Springs, 22.11.83-23.11.83; four designs for Women For Survival Pine Gap postcards; and a press clipping from Sydney Morning Herald, dated 16.11.83. File 8: Cynthia Shannon's Pine Gap papers (Legal) 1983 File 9:Cynthia Shannon's Correspondence. These papers donated by Cynthia Shannon mostly comprise correspondence. They include papers re her imprisonment at Risdon Prison, Hobart in 1983 and correspondence generated as a result of her incarceration; a copy of a bail document dated 24.1.83; a court statement, 24.1.83; a copy of a personal view of the Franklin River Blockade December 1982 to February 1983 by Noel Ridgeway; a handout from FANG (ACT); papers concerning home birth and maternal infant bonding; documents concerning emergency housing, a co-operative school in O'Connor ACT; assorted cards, and an invitation, 2 handwritten undated letters signed Jenny Sullivan; poem entitled Cynthia; a copy of a letter to David Campbell, Principal Private Secretary, Parliament of Australia from Helen M Caldicott, Newton Massachusetts, dated 16.11.83; press clipping from Canberra Times, dated 27.2.83, page 7.
_aSeries 8: Canberra Women For Survival: Women's Action Against Global Violence (WAAGV) papers 1983. The series includes a number of WAAGV handouts. The News sheet of Women's Action Against Global Violence No.1 dated August 1983 has been removed and can now be found in the JSNWL Serials Collection. File 10.
_aSeries 9: Canberra Women For Survival: Alice Springs Papers 1983. This series includes correspondence, papers and report regarding publicity, mobilisation and logistics for setting up the women's peace camp at Pine Gap. File 11.
_aSeries 10: Canberra Women For Survival: Greenham Common Papers 1983. This series comprises an assortment of papers pertaining to the women of Greenham Common and nuclear disarmament. It includes a paper from Senator Margaret Reynolds, Senator for Queensland, dated February 1984; copy of a letter to Michael Hesseltine, MP London, from three members of the House of Commons Bob Clay MP, Roland Boyes MP and Kevin Barron MP; a paper by Clay, Boyce and Barron; a newsletter from Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles c 1980; an open letter to the Soviet Embassy official 1984; messages to Pine Gap women from Greenham Common (undated); a poem by Jean O'Connor. File 12.
_aSeries 11: Canberra Women For Survival: Pine Gap Handouts 1983 This series is made up of leaflets prepared by Women For Survival in Canberra and Alice Springs; handouts publicising the women's camp at Pine Gap; and a peace rally held in the ACT on 11 November 1983. File 13.
_aSeries 12: Canberra Women For Survival: Canberra Papers 1983 This series comprises a group of papers which include reports, media releases, a survey of women protesters at Pine Gap on 20-21 November 1983; transcripts of telegrams; handouts including a Survival Kit; personal observation of the peace camp by Leisbeth Paigmans; a letter from Greenham Womyn's Peace Camp; Pine Gap postcard; list of names addresses and phone numbers (probably membership list); debt collection slips. File 14.
_aSeries 13: Women For Survival: Canberra Handouts 1983. This series is made up of leaflets prepared by Women For Survival in Canberra and Alice Springs; handouts publicising the women's camp at Pine Gap and peace rally in ACT on 11 November 1983; and two copies of the 'Pine Gap Camp Handbook'. File 15. Excludes File 16.
_aSeries 14: Canberra Women For Survival: Press Releases 1983. The series includes copies of three press releases in telex form generated by Women For Survival in Canberra and Alice Springs on 11, 20,21 November 1983. File 17.
_aSeries 15: Canberra Women For Survival: Photographs/Pine Gap 1983. Series consists of various photographs and 3 copies of 'Pine Gap – the images' published by Women For Survival. File 18.
_aSeries 16: Canberra Women For Survival: Postcards 1983 The series is composed of eight postcards, blue on white and white on blue, with anti-nuclear texts. There is no identifying information about publisher or artist. Possibly produced by Women For Survival. File 19.
_aSeries 17: Canberra Women For Survival: Press Clippings 1983. Series includes press clippings and photocopies of press clippings from Australian newspapers documenting activities at Pine Gap in November 1983. Press clippings have been photocopied for preservation reasons. File 20. NB: A number of press clippings relating to Pine Gap and Women For Survival have been added to the collection. Provenance is unknown. The items have been photocopied for preservation purposes and may be found in File 20a Box 0002 LAP.
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508 _aFinding aid completed by Beverley Sodbinow on 11 October 2001.
520 _aADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY Women For Survival grew as an umbrella movement for women who wished to voice their opposition to nuclear and other war-related issues. A national meeting was held in Alice Springs on 22 and 23 July 1983 with the Arrante women to arrange the proposed Women's Peace Camp at Pine Gap. Alice Springs Women For Survival was supported by women's groups from all states of Australia including Feminist Anti-Nuclear Group from Queensland, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Victoria; Women's Action Against Global Violence, New South Wales (NSW); Women's Action for Global Peace and Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament, NSW and Western Australia; and Women For Survival groups from Tasmania and the ACT. Aims of the Women For Survival Peace Camp were to: * Raise public awareness of the Pine Gap installation and nuclear violence; * Demand the removal of US operations at Pine Gap; * Redirect unnecessary defence spending into areas of clear social need; * Give full support to the right for autonomy and self-determination for Aboriginal people; * Call for the return of Aboriginal lands where installations were sited on Aboriginal land; * Call for cessation of uranium mining because of its link to the nuclear arms race; * Support women and children of all races and cultures in the struggle against global violence and oppression; * Support a nuclear free Pacific and Indian Ocean zone. Motivated by the actions of women at the Greenham Common Camp in Britain, seven hundred women set up camp at the US military installation at Pine Gap in Central Australia between 11 and 26 November 1983. The camp drew public and media attention to the secrecy of the US base and was the first action at the base to result in mass arrests.
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585 _aEXHIBITIONS NOTE: Pine Gap Exhibition: 'Remembering Pine Gap: Women's Peace Camp – November 1983' was exhibited at New South Wales Parliament House in September 2009.
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